Extremely thankful for the lovely contributions hereunder, in order to enhance the possibility for you to indulge in a re-FRESH.life experience. 

Individual Coaching & Group / Business Consultancy & Training, Workshop & reTREAT participants speak:
When NLP meets Science & Creativity...


I would like to sincerely thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this adventure...For your patience, your encouragement and support! Your courage is truly inspirational.

This was definitely a leap of faith to me...

I'm glad I made the jump!

What an awesome experience I landed on!

Much Love!

J.M. (27)

United States

Yeah, she can even truly inspire a bunch of stuck-up corporate team of nerds (my colleagues).

Kickass communication body mind and ‘(s)pirates’ training or whatever that was. WE WANT MORE!

Anonymous (ageless)

The Netherlands

I met Dorottya at a group-training focused on intercultural communication. After that session, I knew I HAD to invite her to give a training session for the members of Enactus EUR, the student association I organize educational workshops for. Her energy, kindness, and positivity are EXTRAORDINARY! 


I had never received as many congratulation messages for a workshop as I did with the one I organized with Dorottya. All our members TRULY enjoyed the way she encouraged us to break our patterns and understand ourselves first, in order to understand our own reality and others’. She made us observe, think, feel and understand. There are no words that allow me to fully describe her MAGIC, you really have to experience it!! 


Once again, THANK YOU!

Paula (19)

Spain / NL

I had a session with Dorottya to help identify i.a. my values in life...


Dorottya was very calm, focused and to the point. 


I felt very comfortable, as I felt there was no judgment whatsoever on her part.

After answering her questions, she took a couple of minutes to process my responses.


Her feedback was sharp and concise. It gave me a lot more clarity and insight about my situation at this time.

Very helpful! 

I look forward to doing more sessions with her in the future,

Dorottya gets to the heart of things in a positive, energetic,

no-nonsense manner.

Vincent R. (38)


First of all, the most important thing : thank you !


Thank you for allowing me to share this experience with you and I was really sincere when I said that this was the best experience in my life.

It was the first time where I felt myself and I could evolve in a space where I felt consider as a human without to be judged but just accepted like I am. In addition to the wonderful things that I learnt.


Especially I learnt a fundamental thing: to be myself in the present moment. To be ME and accept me as such.

I think you belong to one of the few places where you can give opportunity to people to be themselves.

That's why I said you that you can be really proud of you because few peoples can be human and create so beautiful things like you...


I think you have created a haven of peace in the middle of a cage of lions really!

Lucie (25)


When I first met Dorottya she was energetic and had a powerful appearance. Her motivational talk at our company was business related and very encouraging. At that time, I was considering a career switch and was contemplating about talking to someone. But I had the feeling that there was nobody around me with whom I could share my frustrations, somebody who would actually could understand.


At my age you just don’t simply decide and do the career switch! Right. At least I told myself (negative self-talk as I understood)


Her second training day at the company was also very inspiring and actually even during the group training she pointed out some personal challenges I might have been facing that time. Freaky- like she was reading my mind. Haha


Actually only after a colleague experienced life / career coaching session with Dorottya, I also dared to make the step…Ah, I’m so happy I did.


On the contrary to her bubbly appearance at our company’s business training, she was very calm and my god I needed that.

She felt exactly what I was looking for. It even seemed like she was reading my mind.

Funny and freaky at the same time.

The session went so fast that I did not even realise that we spent 2 hours of talking, planning, strategizing and finding solutions. Actually, most of the talking I did. She can talk! When you experience her giving a group training, mammamia fast, to the point and energetic.

When she coached me, she was very calm and appeared to be a very good listener. She asked confronting to the point and inspirational questions. I needed that.

After my second session with her, I resigned and made the career switch (with challenges). Yes. 


I will be back soon because her personality and coaching style is addictive. Haha

Jurgen (51)

Germany / NL

The last three days of training…my house for the last three days….

I found new smiles, new tears, new moments, new visions but I can really tell that for now I've found myself again! Being in another country, surrounded with a lot of new people (real people), made my heart feel even bigger to save all those moments of the experience I had abroad.


I write this with a big smile on my face because I've found my inner strength, I've found my voice.


I was able to be part of something that I believe it changed the life of a lot of people that were there with me, people who can "live it, love it, breath it" like one of my tattoos says.


This is just the beginning of something new.

I can tell now that I prove myself I am capable of fighting for what I love, I have something to really be proud of. I'm really happy for what I achieved, for the feedback I had about what I love the most.

Nelson (24)


D.E. Kiss is amazing ;-)!

This last training session...everything seemed to be possible suddenly.

So much fragility, openness, creativity and humble surrendering energy…

’I missed this world in me’.

Thank you Dorottya Kiss!

B.P. (30)

The Netherlands / Luxenburg

Sometimes being lost is not that bad, how the hell are you gonna find the good things otherwise?


Starting to digest all that just happened this weekend and all the REAL things I got to experience and most importantly, the people I got to know and share it with along the way.


Naming it an end would be stupid, I simply prefer to say it's a new start.

A big thank you!

Adrian (25)


I ‘am a student of Ms. Kiss at the university and she also teaches our whole BA class, Inter-Cross cultural communication trainings. We are also learning about presentation skills and how to give effective feedback to each other.


My first thought was that all teachers should get this training!


When I have class from Ms. Kiss I learn much faster, I’m much more engaged and actually I’m enjoying school.


Also I had some personal issues and Ms. Kiss really took time and helped me further.

I recommend her trainings for all ages as we all have personal issues in life and

we all should be able to communicate to ourselves and others with a productive positivity.

And yeah, I hope the other professors get some communication training because education seems to be a prison sometimes.

Anonymous (19)

The Netherlands

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Let me start by stating the only ‘negative’ ;-) thing about our conversations. I know that Dorottya is smarter than me, but I don't know how much. To my mind, you can always kinda feel how much smarter a person is compared to you, unless they're at a whole other level you don't even understand.


Those people are rare, but Dorottya is one of them.

It's inspiring and awesome, but at the same time to me it's kinda annoying (I thought I knew my shit, you know??).

There's so much you can learn!

I know I learnt a ton, and luckily I was able to get some notes. I could summarize and put it all in here, but that'd take a long ass time (there's a lot of good info).

Also it's more than just written knowledge; it's visual, auditory, kinesthetic (and also olfactory and gustatory if you're having lunch :-) ) - it's an experience.

I believe that with good coaches it isn't so much about taking notes (though it can help your knowledge for sure), it's more about that experience. Readers may learn something, but it isn't comparable to when the coach is there with you in the moment.

That's the experience that counts. And it was a very good experience indeed.


One more thing, I know I might be biased, but I'd say give yourself a chance to become biased too…:)

Alex (22)

The Netherlands

I’ve taken various coaching trainings together with Dorottya.

With years of experience working with people in the dance and cultural industry, in the academic sphere and as an entrepreneur,


Dorottya has developed a terrific ability to connect with all personality types, individually or in groups.

She knows exactly when to change gears between being contagiously positive and motivating or calmingly reflective and thought provoking.

She has her heart in the right place and is truly committed to supporting others in reaching their goals.


She’s definitely my "go-to woman" for advice when I’m facing a tough decision or feeling ready for a new start, new direction, new plans… new energy!

If Dorottya’s communication style appeals to you and she’s still taking on clients, then you should definitely grab this opportunity with both hands!

Chloe (33)

Cayman Islands - U.S. / The Netherlands

Dorottya is a loyal, punctual and a to the point motivational coach, speaker, listener.

I completely trust her with my business and life challenges; actually all my opportunities as I learnt.


Trust for me was a huge issue through childhood, so this is the reason I emphasize this first.


Actually dealing with my ‘issues’ became fun. So I will have my third inspirational session with her just to have ‘fun’. 

Kim L. T. (33)

Asia / NL

On my way back to Berlin.... Overwhelmed by this past week…Amazing Energy. Speechless...!

Kirsten (29)


I was skeptical…I’m coming from a family where we did not speak about our challenges (because we seemed weak in the eyes of our parents), and well, working in the corporate world, kind of resulted in a complete ignorance-of ME.

I haven’t actually considered coaching or as Dorottya called it in my case ‘conversational consultancy’.

I don’t like the wannabe world of coaches. 

Even the word ‘coach’ freaks me out and gives me shivers. So much fakes out there.

I saw Dorottya speak at a conference for women entrepreneurs and I got inspired.

She consulted a friend of mine, another business owner and her whole team of 30 something people.

They all had good vibes and were left with a clear vision and strategy to execute.

I thought I have nothing to lose. I just started my own business and I was “lost”.

As it turned out not lost in business but lost in my own issues all affecting my business.

I’m in the process of dealing with life and business simultaneously.


I’m still skeptical about consultants/ coaches or whatever you wanna call it, yet I’m a hypocrite: Soon I will have my next session with Ms. Kiss (and it won’t be the last).

Anonymous Lady (wannabe 20 + yet 45+)

Poland / NL

Thank you for being so inspiring!

Be yourself and be present...being versatile and accepting all your strength and weaknesses, and all that makes us human!!!

Jerry (44)


I'm writing here to thank you all for these last days here in Amsterdam surrounded by a lot of talent, kindness, smiles, tears, sweat and good energy and to give me the strength to keep being true to myself and find my inner voice.


The atmosphere was so warming and every day we kept coming back we were meeting with people who really love what they do, we were meeting the real person, not a simple number on a paper.

Coming to Amsterdam for these training days was so good for me, it opened my eyes and made me know myself better.


Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet you and learn with you, enjoying these good moments. I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon! Congratulations to all of us!

N.C. (28)


Dorottya Kiss never fails to impress ;-)

Sarah (27)


Issues with teenage son (16) with husband and at work…it did not seem to go so well with me. I realized my issues are with myself.

Dorottya is a no bullshit woman with an extreme track record…Being multitalented truly shows as her sessions are very inspiring, professional and even creative. I bought my first NLP and Positive Psychology book! I even got my first Pilates class and a diet I’m following right now (from Dorottya).


Her life journey is one of the most challenging stories I ever heard personally from a woman.

The positivity is contagious and also confrontational. It works though.

I’m progressing…and I’m warming up my teenage son to have a talk with her…Let’s see how that goes… 

H.L. (43)


I met Dorottya at an event I was hosting and we kicked it off immediately.

We met a second time to speak about some business initiatives and as we began learning more about each other I discovered what an incredible being she is.

Whats more she cares about people, so much so that during our conversation she touched on items that were dear to me without even knowing me beforehand, and was able to identify what motivated me most in life!


When you have such a powerful human being in your presence, there is only one thing that can come of it; results!

Anonymous (41)

Greece / NL

I found myself in a situation, where a new work experience was facing me.

As I had to leave my comfort zone, I became more and more confused and lost focus due to doubt in myself and in my abilities.

I had two sessions with Ms. Kiss and she made me understand that I need to concentrate on my values not others' and leave all my retractions and fears behind.

All negativity is an opportunity to turn them into positivity and make them work in my service.  Try to focus on "WHAT IF YES!" instead of "What if no" kind of attitude.


This all sounds really simple and we heard it many times in life, however the way she made me understand it and ‘burned it in my brain’, made a big change in my mindset!

Thank you for these experiences!

I already made my first steps and feel like nothing and no one can stop me to work in an inspiring and profitable way according to my values and my life circumstances!

(Cant' wait to update you about the news and I can promise I will come back to you when I stuck, to re-FRESH again!)

Catharina (38)


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